From Bulgaria with Love

Our Founder Selena Nitz grew up in Bulgaria — the birthplace of Rakia — helping her father and grandfather make Rakia brandy in their home still. Now, she is sharing it and its meaning of hospitality with America and the rest of the world.

From our Family to Yours

Selena grew up helping her grandfather and father make Rakia Brandy in their home still. She observed how Rakia was always at the center of perfect hospitality within her home, at parties and in her culture. In her early 20’s she had a restaurant on the Black Sea where she served her family’s special Rakia.

After the end of communism in Bulgaria, Selena then in her late 20’s immigrated to America as a single mom to provide a better life for her and her nine year old daughter. She came to New York with just one suitcase, and one thing to remind her of roots and great hospitality – a bottle of homemade Rakia. She arrived with just $200, no job, no home, no friends, and didn’t speak a word of English - yet she persevered. She taught herself English and became an American citizen.

The Importance of Heritage

During the citizenship ceremony, they encouraged people to not forget where they came from, and to share something authentic from their backgrounds to enrich American culture. So Selena shared the Rakia brandy experience with her American friends.  They all said, "I don't drink Brandy."  After they sipped it, they would all have a look of total surprise and delight across their face.  They would say how absolutely unique and delicious it was, except that it was too strong for their taste.

Miramar Rakia is Born

A determined Selena went back to Bulgaria and developed a new modern flavor profile which is smoother, more refined and more luxurious - with a richer more delicate flavor. That is how the world's first super-premium modern brandy was born. Today Selena is committed to sharing Miramar Rakia, its heritage and its meaning of inspiration with Americans and the rest of the world.