Grown, Harvested, Distilled and Bottled on a Single Vineyard Estate in Pomorie, Bulgaria.

Single Vineyard

Miramar is grown on a single vineyard on the Southern Coast on the Black Sea in Bulgaria.

Infused by Nature

Aromas on the nose come from the rose and lavender planted near the vineyard that naturally infuses the grapes.

100% Muscat Ottonel Grapes

Muscat is the oldest grape variety in the world. Miramar uses a particular Muscat variety called Ottonel. This seedless grape has a pronounced floral aroma and surprisingly complex, fruit forward flavor. The Muscat Ottonel grapes are the most aromatic at the absolute peak of ripeness. Therefore they are monitored daily and handpicked on the specific day of peak ripeness before sunset. This technique allows the sweetness and aroma to be captured and preserved in the grapes.

6 Weeks Fermentation

After the stems are removed, our multi-stage fermentation process begins by extracting the scents of the skin and the flavor of the grapes into the liquid.  We then turn the liquid into a form of wine.  Our fermentation is a critical step that requires careful artistry and technological control to monitor timings, temperatures, textures and balance.

Distilled 23 Times

Our exclusive and unique 23-step continuous and expanding distillation process honors the deep Rakia tradition, yet modernizes it to create a luxurious taste profile and an extraordinary smooth, long finish for the modern palate.

Rests 3-6 Months

After the grape spirit is produced it must rest in extremely old wood barrels for at least 3 months and not more than 6 months. These barrels purposefully do not add any flavor or color, but allow the liquid to rest.

Raising the Bar for Purity

The result of our process is an authentically pure experience that is: All NaturalAdditive FreeSulfite FreeGluten FreeGMO FreePreservative FreeColor Agent Free